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Herring Travels Across VA on Week One of Public Safety Tour

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~ Attorney General Herring stopped in Fairfax, Culpeper, Richmond, Lynchburg, Martinsville, and Roanoke to discuss heroin and prescription drug abuse and senior safety ~

RICHMOND, Va. – Attorney General Mark R. Herring completed the first week of his fourth annual statewide public safety tour with stops in Fairfax, Culpeper, Richmond, Lynchburg, Martinsville, and Roanoke. Attorney General Herring discussed issues related to senior safety and the continuing heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic, and heard from local law enforcement, community partners, and medical professionals on what they’re doing to address these challenges.

On Monday, Attorney General Herring led a Northern Virginia Senior Safety Roundtable in Fairfax, where he spoke with local law enforcement, senior services directors, and other community partners on how they are fighting opioid abuse and protecting seniors from scams.


In Culpeper on Tuesday, Attorney General Herring held a discussion with local law enforcement and community leaders on the heroin and opioid crisis that took 14 lives in Culpeper last year.

Culpeper Star Exponent: Treatment options, education needed in opioid fight
The lack of local long-term addiction treatment, the success of Naloxone in saving lives and the need for drug prevention education at the high school level emerged as themes during Tuesday’s one-hour meeting in Culpeper between Attorney General Mark Herring and local law enforcement about the ongoing opioid crisis here and nationwide.

Culpeper Times: Herring says state working ‘relentlessly’ to track dealers
Mark Herring is the Attorney General for the state of Virginia. He is also a father of young children. In 2014, he traveled some 2,200 miles around the state in a roughly two week period conducting a public safety tour. The message was the same from all the agencies that he visited. It resonated and impacted Herring on a professional and personal level.

Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star: Editorial: Opioids take a growing toll
…Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring says law enforcement and prosecutors have been “relentless” in their efforts to lock up dealers and drug traffickers who peddle these dangerous substances originating in China and Mexico. But he cautioned that “we can’t arrest our way out of this problem.”


On Wednesday, Attorney General Herring addressed hundreds of seniors at the Chesterfield TRIAD Senior Day, where he highlighted how to protect seniors from financial crimes, internet scams, and opioid addiction.

WRIC: AG Herring warns seniors about fraud, scams
…On Wednesday, Attorney General Mark Herring spoke with seniors about fraud and getting scammed at Chesterfield County’s 18th annual TRIAD Senior Day.

“They’ve worked a lifetime, they’ve saved responsibly and they should be able to enjoy their golden years without fear,” he said.


In Richmond on Thursday, Attorney General Herring spoke to attendees at the 2017 Central Virginia Regional Re-Entry Training, where he highlighted the need to help people transition back into society, which will reduce crime and make our communities safer.

WVIR: Herring Leads Conference on Helping Offenders Back in Communities
Tuesday, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) kicked off a conference on how to support offenders as they transition back into their communities.

WCVE: Herring Speaks On Inmate Re-Entry Process
As part of his initiative to improve Virginia’s inmate re-entry process, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring spoke at a regional conference hosted by his office.

He made the case for individualized help for inmates. Attorney General Herring says people transitioning back into society face daunting challenges with various needs like mental health treatment, job training and housing.


On Friday, Attorney General Herring led discussions with local law enforcement, community leaders, and medical professionals in Lynchburg, Martinsville, and Roanoke on the heroin and opioid crisis.

Roanoke Times: Herring hopes Roanoke opioid initiative could help others statewide
Attorney General Mark Herring met Friday with Roanoke public safety and drug abuse prevention agencies for an update on a program aimed at curbing opioid abuse.

WDBJ: Attorney General Mark Herring stops in Roanoke to see how groups are dealing with opioid crisis
Could Roanoke be a model as the rest of the state fights against the opioid crisis? That was the question as the Attorney General met with stakeholders on the issue in Roanoke Friday .

News and Advance: Herring speaks in Lynchburg to raise awareness on opioids
Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring said Friday no corner of the commonwealth is safe from opioids and heroin.

Herring attended a short tour and forum at Virginia Baptist Hospital on Friday as part of his annual public safety tour.

Martinsville Bulletin: Local officials say medical resources needed to fight drug problem
Drug abuse mainly is a medical problem – not a crime problem – and more resources are needed locally to combat it, area law-enforcement officials and community services providers told state Attorney General Mark Herring on Friday.


In 2014, Attorney General Herring held his first annual public safety tour, traveling more than 2,500 miles in two weeks to hold 22 regional meetings with representatives from more than 60 cities, counties, and towns. More than 75% of the meetings involved a discussion of the growing heroin and prescription drug overdose epidemic, prompting Attorney General Herring to develop and implement an aggressive, unprecedented five point plan to address the problem including education, prevention, and enforcement. Since then, Attorney General Herring has made combating the heroin and prescription opioid epidemic a top priority, attacking the problem with a multifaceted approach that includes enforcement, education, prevention, and legislation to encourage reporting of overdoses in progress, expand the availability of naloxone, and expand access to the Prescription Monitoring Program.  He has created as a central resource for prevention, education, and treatment resources, and expanded the OAG’s enforcement efforts against dealers and traffickers, working with state and federal partners to prosecute more than 75 heroin/opioid cases involving more than 375 pounds of heroin which is approximately 1.7 million daily doses with an estimated street value of $16.9 million.

In 2015, Attorney General Herring again toured the Commonwealth, extending invitations to elected officials, law enforcement, and public safety officials from more than 58 agencies and localities to share their priorities, concerns, opportunities, and successes. Information gathered during the tour informed his efforts to promote safe, impartial, 21st century policing and to support local efforts to strengthen ties between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

In 2016, Attorney General Herring’s public safety tour focused on excellence in training and community policing, including discussion of the series of regional trainings on fair and impartial policing his office hosted.