Meet Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is an average sixteen year old girl. She likes hanging out with friends, taking selfies, and whatever new track Iggy Azaela puts out. Kaitlyn is even a member of her school’s cheerleading team.

Kaitlyn lead a pretty normal teenage life before she got mixed up with meth.

Using meth was never part of Kaitlyn’s plan.

In fact, she had been offered marijuana a few times before but had always turned it down. One day her friend Megan offered her some meth that her brother had given to her.

Kaitlyn resisted, but Megan told her it would help her lose weight and give her more energy.

It only took once before she was hooked.

After just one time using, Kaitlyn was hooked. She liked the feeling of invincibility that meth gave her. When she used meth Kaitlyn ate less, slept less, and felt like she was more focused.

Eventually, finding ways to get high became more important to Kaitlyn.

Megan’s family moved to another town and many of Kaitlyn’s friends didn’t approve of her new lifestyle. Kaitlyn started seeking out new friends. Most of them were older than she was, and they treated Kaitlyn like she was much older, which made her feel cool.

Her new friends didn’t have curfews, and Kaitlyn would lie to her parents and tell them that she was having a sleepover with one of her friends from the cheerleading squad.

Most of the time her new friends would invite her into stranger’s houses to drink and get high. And it was becoming more and more common for Kaitlyn to black out, and find herself waking up in an unfamiliar place — with unfamiliar people.

She realized that she was putting herself at risk, but she couldn’t stop using.

She made a new rule with herself and decided that she would only use around people she trusted.

And while she had only stopped using for a few days, it felt like months to Kaitlyn. Her body had begun to experience withdrawal symptoms and they were starting to affect her daily life.

She was restless and easily agitated.

The only thing should could think about was getting high.

That night one of the guys she had met at a party texted her and asked her if she wanted to party with him.

Even though she didn’t know him that well, her need to get high was stronger than her new rule, and she agreed. She gave her parents the usual excuse, (last minute cheer squad meeting for spirit week), and headed out to meet him.

Kaitlyn remembered walking to the local convenience store to meet him and she remembered getting into his car.

But the rest of the night was a blur.

She woke up in an abandoned warehouse.

She had almost no recollection