A guide to Ecstasy

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Ecstasy – what a great name, right? How could anything with that kind of name be bad for you? You might be surprised.

Ecstasy, or MDMA, a chemical combination of a powerful stimulant and a hallucinogenic. As it has gained popularity outside of the rave/club scene more and more recipes and manufacturers of the drug have appeared. The scariest part of this? Ecstasy can be made anywhere by anyone. Which means the pill you just popped at the party could have been made in a dirty bathtub by an untrained, uneducated person.

So you’ve decided to take the pill made in a filthy bathroom – what should you expect to happen now? Over the next six hours your brain will be forced to produce massive, abnormal levels of serotonin (the chemical which controls pain and moods). The neurons which store serotonin are then damaged, sometimes permanently. When and if these neurons grow back, they could grow back in the wrong place or abnormally.

You will experience a high from this serotonin release including feelings of euphoria and relaxation. The false energy it creates could cause you to stay up and dancing for hours, leading to extreme fatigue, dehydration and sometimes stroke. You may also experience hallucinations, hear voices, and feel things that don’t exist. These hallucinations and feeling of empathy also lower your inhibitions making you more likely to be the victim of a violent or sexual crime.

Still thinking about taking Ecstasy? Be prepared to also experience involuntary jaw clenching, nausea, chills and sweating, loss of body control, and high blood pressure. Oh, and not to mention an acne-like rash on your face and neck.

As the drug starts to wear off, sometime as long as 24 hours later, your brain experiences a serotonin crash or severe lack of serotonin. This makes it incredibly difficult for you to sleep, learn or remember. The lack of dopamine in your system can also lead to severe depression. Ecstasy is psychologically addictive. The more you use, the sicker you will get.

Ecstasy is also known as E, XTC, Rolls, Adam, Hug Drugs, Disco Biscuits, White Doves, New Yorkers, Love Drug, Clarity and Lover’s Speed.