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Recognizing teen marijuana use: Do you know what vaping is?

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Can you recognize marijuana use by your teen? If you’re looking for bloodshot eyes, a cloud of smoke or a skunky odor you may want to brush up on your detective skills. The newest method for consumption is not so easy to spot. Vaping most commonly involves using e-cigarettes to heat the oils or extracts of marijuana for inhalation. This practice causes real concern for parents, teachers and authorities.

While only a few states still allow the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, they are still easily accessible. They can be bought online, at gas stations or in specialty shops. The size and shape of e-cigarettes make them easy to conceal for use by those without legal access.

There is virtually no odor associated with vaping as it produces vapor rather than smoke. This means marijuana oils can be inhaled without detection, even in public spaces. Identifying the substance inside a vaporizer often requires the use of a forensics lab. Vaping makes policing illegal marijuana use by teens extremely difficult.

Even more concerning is the fact risky and cheap synthetic cannabinoids are now being offered for use in vaporizers. The innocuous-sounding names of these drugs are ever-changing so your teens may not actually know what they are purchasing. Dangerously elevated blood pressure, hallucinations and seizures are just a few of the undesirable side effects caused by these substances.

Armed with this new information, take another look at your teen. It may be time for a tough conversation.