Teen left in coma after drink was spiked with Ketamine.

Teen left in coma after ketamine use

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A mother has released harrowing pictures of her son who was left in a coma after his drink was allegedly spiked with ketamine in a nightclub.

Jack Mcewan is feared to have unknowingly taken the horse tranquiliser at the Crush nightclub in Dartford in Kent.

The 18-year-old was only saved by a quick thinking friend, who put him in the recovery position and door staff who gave him emergency treatment before he was rushed into intensive care.

Now his mother Carrie, 36, has released a picture of her son in the hope it will raise awareness of the dangers of drugs.

Mrs Mcewan received a call from another parent on Saturday night to say that her son had collapsed at the nightclub.

When she arrived at the Darent Valley Hospital in Kent she found him hooked up to life support machines and in a coma.

Mrs Mcewan said: ‘I never thought I would be one of those mums to get a phone call like that.

‘When I got to the hospital I broke down, it was my baby lying there.

‘He had all these tubes in his throat and coming out of his veins. It was awful.\

‘He was in a terrible way. His body had just shut down.

‘By the time he had got to the hospital his body had sort of comatosed itself.

She added: ‘Why would someone do something like that? Was it a joke or where they trying to mug him?

‘He was lucky that his friend was there. He put him in the recovery position and checked for his pulse.’

Jack, a trainee hairdresser, has fortunately made a good recovery and was back home in Huxtable, Kent two days later.

His mother added: ‘We’ve had a bit of a bad night with his breathing and his throat is still burning up but other than that he is fine.’

Police have not been alerted to the incident but Peter Edwards, owner of the Crush nightclub said: ‘Our head doorman is a trained paramedic and as soon as we found a young boy was ill, we dealt with it until an ambulance arrived.’

He added he could not comment further as he did not know the details but would be making his own inquiries into the incident.

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